Deterring criminal activity, providing visual evidence, promoting a safe environment– these are just some of the many purposes a closed-circuit television (CCTV) system serves. Energy Innovations’ surveillance systems allow you to see more than ever before with high-definition precision and incredible detail.

Digital Video Recorders

Energy Innovations’ digital video recorder (DVR) systems record high-resolution digital images to a hard drive, accessible for viewing on a computer monitor. Better yet, footage can be stamped with both date and time for scanning and  for a more efficient viewing experience.

Remote Control Systems

Remote-control systems enable you to monitor your site via your CCTV system wherever you may be – even when you’re on the go. All you need is a device and Internet access!


At the heart of any CCTV system is a camera. And no matter what you want to achieve, Energy Innovations, Inc. has a camera system to help. Whether you’re looking for fixed or moveable cameras, we have several camera solutions, all with extreme clarity and detail, to get your CCTV system running optimally.

  • Remote Viewing

  • Smart Analytics

  • People Counting

  • Trespass Monitoring

  • 360-Degree Vision

  • Various Camera Capabilities

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